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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kitchen face-lift {part fourteen} – Tick tock

All the contractors are gone and all that is left is the finish-out that we have to do. Things like:

  • Paint on the walls

  • Backsplash

  • Install appliances

  • Additional lighting

  • Trim

  • This may not look like a lot, but considering all the individual items under each of those five main points, the list is long. However, it saves us a ton of money to do it ourselves.

    Do you ever watch any makeover shows? Like What Not To Wear or Extreme Makeover? Well, let’s just consider this that seemingly ever-so-long commercial break before the big reveal.

    All the stuff Mike and I are doing ourselves will be at night and on the weekends so it might take a while and I won’t have a lot of time to post updates. But as soon as I feel like it’s pretty much finished, you’ll be the first to know.

    Or maybe my neighbors will be as I squeal for joy.

    In the meantime, I hope to start cooking again as soon as the appliances are installed. I have no idea what will be first. But I do know that all four of us are so ready to have our kitchen functioning again.
    Until then…

    **** Cue “Jeopardy” music ****

    You can view a list of all my kitchen updates here.


    Jessica Heights said...

    It sounds like it will be AWESOME!! :)