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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stop. Remember. Pray.


100B8350 Taken at the DFW National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2010.

The fact that 9/11 was today had been on my mind all week, but when it came down to it, I got up and started some baking for a family gathering later on in the day.  The significance of the actual day escaped me. 

I felt bad.

I realized this morning that I was just going about my business as usual.  It dawned on me that while the events that day rocked all of our worlds and changed a lot in our country and world forever, many of us simply go about our lives and business much as we did prior to 9/11/01.  Things are different, but not such that they change our normal daily lives.  Here we are, 9 years later, and I would guess that for most of us in the country, things are back to normal. 

However, it dawns on me that there are many for whom this day simply stops.  While we all pause to remember on 9/11 each year, those people stop dead in their tracks on this day.  Those who survived.  Those who had loved ones, innocent lives just going about their daily business that day, who perished.  The wife and child of the first responder who gave his life trying to save as many caught in the buildings as possible. 

My heart aches for those people.  And if you happen to be one of them reading this, I am praying peace and comfort over you today. 

While we all need to stop, remember and honor those who died 9 years ago, we also need to pray for those who are just trying to go on in life.  While the world is different, their very lives can never go back to what they were.

Stop. Remember. Pray.


Genny said...

I was at the gym on the 11th, watching replays of the news from that fateful day, choking back tears as I walked on the treadmill. Thank you for the reminder post...